1. Evelyn Mshana, “Mapping Poultry Businesses and Market Linkage in Tanzania
  2. Martha Shapa, “Mobile-Based Decision Support System for Poultry Farmers: A Case of Tanzania
  3. Loyani K. Loyani, “A Quantification Model Against Tuta Absoluta Effects on Tomato Plants: A Deep Learning Approach
  4. Ivan Koojo,“A Passenger Security Systed For Mass Transit Electric Buses: A Case Study of the Kayoola EVS Bus
  5. Beatus Mbunda, “Warehouse Management System Enhancement For ATOZ Textiles Limited
  6. Hilary Rambo, “Mobile Application for Gate Pass Management System Enhancement


  1. Mathias Ombeni, “A Framework for Monitoring Quality of Fertilizer in Supply Chain in Tanzania
  2. Sarah Nyanjara, “Integrated Quality Measurement Framework for Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health Services in Tanzania
  3. Sadiki Kusyama, “Development of Information Dissemination Framework for Fisheries Stakeholders in Tanzania

Masters Alumni

  1. Victor Mero, Sanger Sequence Automatic Analysis Tool Development, 2021
  2. Lilian Mkonyi, A Model for Early Identification of Tomato Plant Damages caused by Tuta Absoluta, 2021
  3. Sophia Sanga, Development of an Early Detection Tool for Banana Diseases, 2021
  4. Hope Mbelwa, Image Based Poultry Disease Detection using Deep Convolutional Neural Network, 2021
  5. Beston Lufyagila, Internet of Things Based System for Environmental Conditions Monitoring in Poultry House, 2021
  6. Asiimwe Patrick, A Web-based Inventory, Mapping and Digitization of Ornamental Plants and Flowers, 2020
  7. Angelica Kayanda, Data Visualization Tool for Student Dropouts in Tanzania, 2020
  8. Cesilia Mambile, *A Web Based Forum for Reliable Market Linkage between Poultry Farmers and Potential Buyers in Tanzania**, 2019
  9. Geofrey Rweikiza, Reducing Fragmentation in sharing of Information in E-medical Recording Systems: Case of Open MRS and Care2X, 2019
  10. Gloriana Monko, Development of an E-Cultural Heritage Portal for Improving Acquisition and Accessibility of Cultural Heritage Information: A Case study of Tanzania, 2017.
  11. Khalfan Ramadhani, An Early Warning System for Enhancing Management of Banana Fungal Diseases: Case of Arumeru District, Arusha Region, 2017.
  12. Siphael Betuel, Development of a VPN-based Approach for Improving Access to and Sharing of Patient’s Records across Health Facilities in Tanzania, 2017.
  13. Wambura Wambura, Development of Discharge Letter Module onto Care2X Hospital Information System, 2017.

PhD Alumna

  1. Neema Mduma, Data-driven Approach for Predicting Student Dropout in Secondary Schools, 2020